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Every Person Who Paid To Put Up A 'Fire Chris Mooney' Billboard 3 Years Ago Should Never Be Allowed To Watch Richmond Again

This was three years ago. Pretty noticeable billboard and to the point. Boosters/alumni wanted to fire Chris Mooney. Well, here's what just happened. 

A little something called an upset. A little something called an NCAA Tournament win. Yes, they had to run the A-10 Tournament to get there. Yes, they had to pull this upset off. But that's the best and worst thing about the NCAA Tournament. Coaches are judged on what they do in a 6 game event. Win or go home, no best of or anything like that. And yes there was this missed call. 

Yep, clear foul. Also not the reason Iowa lost. Both can be true. Would the game have been different? Sure. But Iowa still was going to get burnt on any drive. That was the biggest problem for them. That and just not getting Keegan Murray the ball more in the second half. Again, you can't miss that call but that didn't decide the game. Cayo burnt Iowa twice late. Iowa's defense was atrocious on drives and just getting beat. 

But this is about Richmond. It felt like they were underachieving with this group of seniors. They saved everything with the last 5 wins. And if you put up that Chris Mooney sign, you don't get to watch them play Providence. Rules are rules. 

PS: This is a pretty crazy stat for Richmond.