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Garrett Adelstein Told Us What It's Like Busting A Million Dollar Bankroll At 23 Years Old



On this week's episode of Cracking Aces we were blessed to talk to one of the best poker players in the world, Garrett Adelstein, aka Gman. He has taken the poker world by storm, playing high stakes streamed poker games, and absolutely dominating them. But it wasn't always rainbows and unicorns for Gman, as he told us in the clip above. Back in the day he busted a near 7 figure roll, taking shots at high stakes games he wasn't rolled for. 



We touched on a bunch of interesting, fascinating topics with him during the hour interview, including shot taking, the mental side of poker, his goals in poker and life, how he’s so good, Rampage, his time on Survivor, and more. One of the reasons he's so good? He has a photographic memory, a la Sean McVay.



Gman might be the smartest person we've ever talked to. His brain just operates on a different level than most people's, but he's still so genuinely humble and grounded. I thought it was interesting how he mentioned several times that he just "runs good"..which certainly helps in poker, but it's not even close to the reason he crushes the games over and over again.

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Also, how about Doug randomly going off on Durrr like that???



I don't care what Doug says, Dwan will always be one of the all time GOATs.