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Providence Talking About 'Proving The Whole World Wrong' And Being Lucky After Beating South Dakota State Is Perfect For Its Season

Providence is going to make me fall in love with them with this sort of talk. Why? It's fairly outlandish. I mean they were a 4 seed, they were favored, they were even my best bet! 

It's no secret the biggest story with Providence was their luck factor. The reason they are 'lucky' was the amount of close games they won vs expected outcome. But like I kept screaming, the wins is what matters. That happened again today. They actually looked good today. Sure, they struggled to put South Dakota State truly away, they won and covered. 

Here's the thing about today's game. They were smart and balanced. Al Durham looked like the star the first half. Jared Bynum closed the game. Noah Horchler I thought was huge for them and a real reason they won. Then you have obviously Nate Watson doing Nate Watson things. That's why they were a 4 seed. 

What I love even more is how they embrace it. Ed Cooley talking about being lucky, talking about proving the world wrong. Hey, I get it. It felt like 90% of people were on South Dakota State. It wasn't exactly a secret that they were the popular upset pick in today's games. So just embrace it like they are. Talk about shocking the world for winning as a 2 point favorite. It's what teams should do, because why not. It's March. It's just about winning.