DRAMA: Jon Rothstein Was Stuck On A Plane In Albany This Morning, Live Tweeted The Dire Need For Help #FreeRothstein

ALERT EVERYONE. Jon Rothstein, the man who tweets We Sleep in May and This is March is spending this glorious day in a plane somewhere at the Albany airport. It almost reads like a hostage situation. 

He's stuck next to a man who doesn't know David Roddy! Who the fuck doesn't know David Roddy? You can also tell that this is where Rothstein is hitting the breaking point. The man has never said a bad thing in his life. He calls someone else a loser. This is when my antenna went up. 

No free ads, Jon. 

I'm starting to think Jon is on the Jackrabbits here. But also while it sucks, can't you just watch it on your phone? You're on a plane sitting somewhere in Albany. Just stream it my guy. 

Hit all the cliches. Loved this tweet especially. 

News never sleeps. Rothstein never sleeps, except in May. 

Sounds like a perfect honeymoon. 

Don't worry though. HE GOT OFF THE PLANE. 

Phew. We're only a few hours removed from the Notre Dame/Rutgers game and a short time away from tip of the real thing. I was sweating reading Rothstein's tweets. Worried about if we'd get the cliche sayings during the game and if he'd have enough time to do his hair before going on air. All ends well though.

Watch Rothstein on PMT and Jake stuff him in a Vermont name off.