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Today Doesn’t Officially Begin Until You Watch The “Leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama” Video


And stilllllllll, your undisputed, GOAT Internet video of the worrrrrrrrrld, the leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama video!

I cannot start St. Patrick's Day without watching this video 5 times in a row. Cannot, will not, would not, should not. I see thousands upon thousands of viral videos every year, and this one is still the best there was, best there is, and best there ever will be. Not only is it in the viral video hall of fame, but the Hall of Fame is named after it.

It contains the best cast of characters from any video ever.

Say yeaaaah guy



Crackhead lady


Guy who directs traffic near the tree reminding people not to be afraid/possessor of magic flute passed down from his Irish ancestors





Guy who wants to chop down the tree because he wants the gold under it




And to top it all off, the amateur sketch, which to this day is still the funniest thing of all time.



Nothing will ever be better than this video. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone.