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St. Patrick's Day Falling On The First Day Of The NCAA Tournament Is The Greatest Possible Day On The American Calendar

Back in the day here at Barstool, my negative New York compatriot KFC would blog about the worst days of the year as they occurred. The first work day after New Year's. The day after Labor Day. The Dog Walk fellas even had him on for an entire draft about it.

Since I am the yin to his yang, I wanted to take a minute and thank the calendar gods for the glory that is when St. Patrick's Day falls on the first day of the NCAA Tournament. There has been plenty of reasons for people to question whether God exists after the last few years, but days like today prove that He is not only alive but He loves us. Just a perfect storm of fun and debauchery all in the name of sports and the time some dude shooed a bunch of snakes out of Ireland (I think that's the story) that is the number 1 bar day possible. Day drinking with some kegs and eggs all as these two beautiful melodies blend together in the background.

FYI I included old school tourney song because it is soooooo much better than the current one. It's also crazy to me that nobody has made a bagpipe version of the song for when a glorious double dip like today happens

Some people will say that St. Paddy's Day falling on the second day of the tournament is better since it's a Friday that leads you into the weekend or that even that Saturday St. Paddy's Day that falls during the Round of 32 is better since everyone is off for the day. They are wrong. There is something extra special about playing hooky from work or school to get plastered while you still have a perfect bracket as the sun rose that morning. The next day may not be a weekend, but it's a joke of a Friday where you soar off the booze you drank the night before until tip off around noon then consume a ton of wings along with the hair of the dog to send you on the best bender of the year.

The only downside to this glorious double holiday is that is has an expiration date for when you have little kids. So for people reading this blog while they piss in a urinal, I have two words for you.


Giphy Images.

Because this is what I was doing at 5:30 this morning while all my coworkers were still sleeping and dreaming of day drinking their faces off while watching unlimited college basketball because somehow St. Patrick's Day is somehow now a kid's holiday, with the leprechaun becoming the new Easter Bunny.

Fuck it. I'm getting drunk of green beer at home while I work today and taking down no less than two dozen wings. To everyone else actually celebrating today the right way, congrats and enjoy the most magical day on the calendar that doesn't happen nearly enough. If you are lucky enough to have sex with a member of the opposite sex tonight, don't forget to wrap it up unless you want to be living the life I am living sooner rather than later.

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