'There Better Be Some Irish Whiskey On That Plane' - Mike Brey Has The Right Mindset To Celebrate Notre Dame's Ridiculous First Four Win

Yeah I mean that game was fucking awesome. The First Four is weird because it's the Tournament just with an asterisk, especially when it's the last four teams in. All you want is some highlights, a good game and maybe a buzzer beater. It's the perfect little warmup before the grind that is Thursday and Friday. Speaking of warming up, Mike Brey is demanding some Irish whiskey in his blood ASAP. 

Yeah you win like that in double OT and have to fly from Dayton to San Diego, I'd want some Irish whiskey too. I know everyone will make the St. Patricks' Day joke, but Mike Brey isn't. This has nothing to do with the date actually being March 17. He just wants to celebrate moving onto getting Alabama. 

Now on the other hand I feel bad for TJ. This man LIVES for Rutgers basketball. 

Thinking this moment may be the one that will make him cry: 

But now it's time to focus on the important stuff. As Mike Brey pours himself a stiff drink, we get a little nap and prepare for tomorrow. I know it's the same day, but tomorrow is when you wake up, it just makes sense. We prepare for Thursday. The Tournament starts now.