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Despite Sucking And Finding New Ways To Embarrass Itself, Louisville's Incompetence Is About To Ruin My March

What the fuck? I mean I knew it was likely possible this was the outcome, I was just still holding out hope that Louisville would do something dumb again. Nope. They took Kenny Payne, who played at Louisville but was a long time assistant for Coach Cal and then moved onto the Knicks. I can accept the Kentucky to Knicks move because that benefits at least one of my teams. But now going back to Louisville? Fuck this. Yeah, I'm happy Payne is getting his chance but fuck this. 

I know Louisville barely wins in this rivalry, just 3 times out of the last 14 and just 17 overall. But I can't help but hate them. I don't want them to succeed, ever. Kenny Payne helps them succeed. I also can't have someone who brought me happiness as their head coach. There needs to be hate. There needs to be animosity. Can't have Cal and Payne hugging and being best friends while coaching these teams. I like my rivalry with hatred. Sue me. 

And then there's the Knicks. Steal the guy who should be head coach since Thibs failed this year. It's like I said, if Thibs was going to refuse to play all the young guys just fire him and hire Payne. Give him a chance. Players love him, he helps develop, he's perfect for a young team. Nope. That's all gone. He's now in Louisville and Thibs is still eating Sbarro's in Penn Station. 

This is supposed to be the happiest time of the year for me. INCOMPETENCE!