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I Made A Shocking Discovery. Pat and Joey Might Be Gay.

So I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've been getting the feeling that Pat and Joey might be gay. A lot of signs seem to be pointing that way. And as a (straight) ally of the LGBTQ community, I want to encourage them to be open about their sexuality. Be proud of who they are. Be out and about about who they are. So I conducted some research to find out the truth. And once again, I myself am straight. 

This is Episode 3 of The Smokes Show. Episode 1 was becoming boss. Episode 2 was solving HQ's water crisis. But we have an official title now. In The Smokes Show, I take you around the Barstool office, my life, and my city (New York City) in a documentary style series featuring various Barstool personalities, directed by my artistic (but platonic) life partner Rone. Episodes revolve around storylines at Barstool HQ, current events, and random one-off concepts. Episodes will be released about twice a month on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Subscribe to the Barstool YouTube above and also subscribe to my new personal YouTube where I'll be posting other content too. 

Thank you! Tommy "Mr. Straight Guy" Smokes signing out!