Watching Andrew Whitworth Tell His Kids That The Super Bowl Was His Last Football Game And He Will Be Around More As A Dad Is Cool As Hell

Same, Kay Adams. Same (You're the best btw).

Ever since the Sabols were walking around the sidelines, NFL Films has been getting the best content in the mic'd up sports game, with this video being no exception because it was as real as it gets. A dad trying to get serious with his kids for a minute but he can't do it because they keep talking over him and trying to get the confetti off of his head. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life, Andrew! 

As someone that is lucky enough to be around his kids a bunch thanks to his job, I couldn't imagine how much it must suck for people who barely get to see their kids because they are out grinding day in and day out. Sure, you could probably fit 10 of my houses in the Casa de Whitworth. But as a wise man once said, #somethings are bigger than sports, fortune, and fame. 

I feel like my kids aged 10 years after I got back from a 60 hour trip to LA to play The Dozen during Super Bowl Week. So I can only imagine what it's like for Whitworth to hang up his cleats and see his kids already out of that cute if not super stressful younger kid phase, not to mention these kids growing up with half a dad around because he was battling other gladiators in coliseums on any given Sunday instead of driving to practices or going to birthday parties. 

But seeing what Andrew's son looked like when his dad said he was going to not only retire but be around more and coach them, I'm gonna say everyone is going to be happy now that big poppa is home.

Credit to me for not going with the "Andrew will be unretiring like Tom Brady the first time he spends a day alone with the kids and realizes how fucking hard parenting is" take because I'm a nice guy and that video is as pure as it gets.

For more dads that are still trying to figure shit out as they go without having millions in the bank (except for that rich fuck Large), check out this week's Podfathers on the Barstool Grown Up YouTube page or listen on your favorite podcast app/site. Open invite to Andrew Whitworth to come on the show in case he wants to get a crash course of what to expect when you trade in physically taking on superfreak defensive linemen on the football field to mentally dealing with your own flesh and blood at home.