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Peter Kiss Talking Trash To Reporters Is Why He's The Perfect Kind Of Maniac To Convince The World A 16 Can Beat A 1 Seed Again

Oh look at that. A little reminder of the most memorable, historical upset we've seen in the NCAA Tournament and especially in the first round. I still remember where I was sitting watching this. Now I don't necessarily care for 'remember x amount of years ago' blogs, because, why? But what I do care for is #SlingSleepers. 

I'm not going to question Big Cat at putting myself, Jake Marsh and Castellani at a disadvantage by having to pick nearly last. It's always those you don't expect to win, which is why we went with Bryant (and Wright State). What's better than getting 1 team? Getting 2 teams. Sure, only one will play Arizona but we're currently the only team to have two teams alive in #SlingSleepers. Big brain thinking.

Then there's Peter Kiss, who is going to convince us that Bryant can actually do it. Why? Peter Kiss is the perfect maniac for a 16 seed. 

Dude transfers from Rutgers and becomes the country's leading scorer. He dominated the NEC title game and did so by pissing off roughly 83% of America. He's an elite shit talker. He's an elite dude you want to just punch in the face but he's out there dropping 25 per game. I love everything about it. Sure, Wright State is there too. We'll talk about them if they beat Bryant. But today is a Bryant day. 

Oh and then there's this quote (h/t Post)

When he sank an off-balanced 3-pointer, he zeroed in on a reporter who had previously tweeted his pick to win the Northeast Conference was Wagner, Bryant’s rival.

“That’s for you, b—h,” the Bryant star, Manhattan native and nation’s leading scorer fumed.

What a beautiful, perfect thing to remember. He doesn't hide that he reads the press clippings. He doesn't hide that he hates people who pick against him. That's the exact maniac I want leading the trio of us in #SlingSleepers. It was done 4 years ago, it can be done again. All about Grassofather and Peter Kiss (and Wright State).