Drake Bought Over $200,000 Worth Of NBA Flawless Cards In Search Of One Of The Biggest Cards Out There

Quite the flex here from Aubrey. He posted this picture last night on his story and people in the card world went nuts. These aren't just any old NBA cards, they’re 2021 NBA Flawless Basketball. You can see the pack literally comes in a briefcase with a lock and key. Want to know how much one of them costs? Anywhere in-between $15,000 - $20,000 per box. Yes, starting at $15K per box, you read that right. It's one of the more expensive boxes you can buy, Drake wanted to go big or go home. He's not going to mess around with some blasters or anything, he wants to hunt the big guy right away. 

Each briefcase comes with one pack that includes only 10 cards in it so we’re looking at 140 cards for over $200K. They're all either memorabilia or autographed with a ton of one of ones sprinkled throughout, but he wasn’t just looking for any card, he’s looking for the triple logo man. It’s not an autographed card, it’s just a card with 3 logos from players jerseys. There’s only 5 of them in the set so it’s a rare card. One has the logos from a Lebron Lakers, Heat, and Cavs jersey, and some of the others have logos from guys like LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, Giannis, Steph, Durant, Jayson Tatum, Luka, Zion, and Klay. They’re awesome looking cards no doubt and with them being so limited Drake decided he needed one. It looks like Drake bought them through Lafavcards and had them crack one of them on IG Live. They didn't pull the triple logo man in the one they opened so I guess they're going to have him open the rest at a later date.

Now one of the logo man was pulled last night, but it wasn't by Drake so I'm a bit suspicious of that timing. Someone posted this one of one of Giannis, Steph Curry, and KD on twitter last night so you can get a pretty good idea of what Drake is looking for. Drake hypes up a product and a few hours later someone else pulls one of the 5 cards in the set. Hmm. I can't quite connect the dots but something is up. 

This is quite the flex from Drake, buying that much of a very expensive product just so he can try and find one of the white whales in the set. The product was already stupid expensive, and now people are saying the price will shoot up because of the influence that Drake has and I believe it. So even though he didn't get the logo man in his one box, he still has a ton more to crack where he's hoping to hit the Lebron patch. I hope he shows us the rest of his hits because I kind of have to know if he gets the white whale. Spending over $200K on cards and NOT hitting one of the logo man cards would be insane too, but this is the definition of "fuck you" money. Happy hunting Drake, and welcome to the hobby.