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This "Fit Grandma" Crushes 150 Eggs Per Month To Stay In Shape And Rocky Can Eat His Heart Out

Toronto Sun - This is not your … grandmother’s grandmother. Heck, this isn’t even your grandmother’s granddaughter.

Andrea Sunshine is a divorced gran of two who spends a lot of time at her London gym – and it shows, with her killer abs, cut arms and muscular legs — along with tattoos and long blonde hair.

But it’s not all about pumping iron. The fitness coach also sticks to a strict healthy diet filled with lots of vegetables and protein.

A lot.

Sunshine said her caloric count reaches up to 3,500 calories a day, spread out over six to eight meals – and she eats up to 150 eggs every month.

“People call me a beast,” she told Jam Press. “It doesn’t bother me to be called a fitness grandma – I am in my best shape and infinitely healthy.”

“There's a stigma that young men have a crush on good-looking mature ladies so I get hit on all the time,” Sunshine said. “I don’t like the attention. When I am in my session, I hate to be disturbed.”

I'll make this brief.

1- are the eggs hardboiled or is she sucking them down like Rocky Balboa?

2- if they're hard-boiled I don't even need to say it do I? As great as this lady looks for her age, she must smell like the Barstool Chicago office after Taco Burrito King sent a nice care package.

3- I LOL'd at her comment about the "stigma" that young dudes like good-looking mature ladies. There's an entire billion-dollar industry built on this notion lady.

4- Can you imagine if this was your nana?