A Former CIA Specialist Spills Secrets from Area 51, Including its Original Name

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Even all you sad, pathetic sheeple who are not up on the science of UFOlogy - who have squandered your existence paying attention to trifles like your family, friends, career and current events -  are, I assume, nevertheless familiar with Area 51 and the lore surrounding it. The downed aircraft that are believe to be stored there. The research that has reportedly been done on those craft. The way they've been reverse-engineered over the decades to give us previously undreamt of technology such as silicon chips, night vision, the chemical element moscovium, and Flex Seal (I may have made that one up, but it seems like alien tech). 

What you may not know, though you should, is the name George Knapp. He's the Las Vegas TV newsman who is, more than anyone else, responsible for bringing UFO and UAP reporting mainstream. At great risk to his reputation and his credibility, he's hunted down leads and exposed truths that the government had kept buried under mountains of bureaucracy and red tape for decades. Basically any documentary you do on the subject of UFO/UAP phenomena is a waste of time without his input. And here is his latest reporting on the topic:

Source - Area 51 is, in one sense, a living, breathing contradiction – the world’s best-known secret base. It has inspired numerous books, television shows and major motion pictures but was it ever truly a secret? 

“Area 51 was never secret. You knew the existence of it. It’s just who was out there and what they were doing,” Thornton “T.D.” Barnes, a former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Radar Specialist said to 8 News Now I-Team’s, George Knapp.

Barnes [is] the head of the Road Runners, a group of former Area 51 employees who came out into the open more than a decade ago to talk about the work they did in the Nevada desert.

Barnes took things further by nudging the CIA to declassify photos and documents about the base, things even the CIA didn’t seem to know, including the base’s real name— “Station D,” which was the CIA’s original name for Area 51. It is also in the title of Barnes’ new, definitive history of the place. …

The public had not seen that until now. …

In the beginning, it was supposedly a NASA weather station, then an atomic energy research facility, but the whole time, the CIA was developing the world’s most advanced espionage platforms and technology that helped the U.S. win the Cold War.

In the ’70s, when CIA misdeeds caught the attention of Congress and two presidents, it suddenly dawned on Washington, D.C., the CIA was forbidden from operating inside the U.S., “Station D” was shut down and control was transferred to the U.S. Air force.

In the mid-’80s, public attention was aroused when the Air Force seized 89,000 acres of public land around Groom Lake. …

“When the word got out that something was going on at Area 51 and the CIA was involved for 20 years that no one knew about, I said what were they doing for 20 years out there? And that’s when the UFO phase started,” Barnes said.

First things first: I'm calling dibs on naming my man parts Station D. As opposed to the name they've answered to for my whole adult life. So back off, it's mine. 

Second, and more importantly, only someone from the CIA could take an enigma wrapped in a mystery inside a riddle like Area 51 is and shroud it in even more fog and confusion. We've had volumes of books, documentaries, podcasts and published reports for decades say one thing, and now Thornton "T.D." Barnes is saying something completely different. 

So now we're supposed to believe the whole UFO thing is a cover story that was concocted in the '80s to hide the fact the CIA was really using the place to protect the U.S. of A. from the Russkie Hordes, is that it? So all these people who worked there or in facilities nearby - men like Bob Lazar and Lt. Col. Phillip J. Corso, who have given detailed accounts of their work reverse-engineering these downed craft - are wrong? That Area 51 was really just our best spies defending democracy from the Red Menace? 

Maybe this is just the Backfire Effect talking, and what Barnes is claiming contradicts too much of my worldview for me to accept it. But I reject the idea that I - and all those crackpots who were talking about storming Area 51 a few years back are wrong, and there's been nothing there but some spy weaponry and advanced aeronautical equipment the Air Force is experimenting with. Not of this Earth, anyway. And when we find out the truth, whether it's this year or a 100 years from now, just remember who was right about the greatest secret in human history: Us UFO nutjobs. Like me and Station D.