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Seeing Myles Turner's LEGO Collection Is Wildly Impressive And It Made Me Question Everything I Ever Did As A Kid

Myles Turner is one of the best rim protectors in the NBA. He can also stretch the floor and make threes which is somewhat important in today's game. Sure, I didn't want my favorite team to trade for him because I wanted to see Rob flourish, but that's beside the point, Unfortunately for the Pacers, he's been out of the lineup since 1/14 with a stress fracture in his left foot. It sounds like his return could be around the corner for the last few weeks of the year, but that is not the point of this blog.

Maybe I'm alone here, but I find that video wildly impressive. If that's how Myles was spending his time recovering from injury around his rehab and treatment, by my book that is time well spent. Maybe it's a generational thing, but I was a huge LEGO kid growing up. You go down to my basement in the early to mid 90s you couldn't even see the floor. Millions and millions of LEGO pieces covered every square inch. The thing is, I was always way too stupid impatient to actually build whatever LEGO set I got. Didn't matter if it was something huge like a castle or even something basic like a small helicopter. Who would want to do that when I could immediately build something random that wasn't anywhere close to as nice? I can only imagine how annoyed my parents would be after hearing me cry and cry for a certain LEGO set for weeks, leveraging future birthdays or Hannukah presents and then in no way shape or form even entertain the idea of actually building it. From there I did what every kid I feel like did and played with a jumbled mess for hours and hours. I think I would start to build whatever the intended design was, somewhere along the lines miss a piece or something, and then just give up. I cannot imagine the patience required to build something that's 4,000 pieces or more. That seems insane as someone who spent their entire childhood messing around with LEGOs.

Nowadays, I feel like people shit on LEGOs and I don't really understand why. LEGOS rule, whether you build what's intended or you just mess around. Part of me thinks those that hate on LEGOS simply never had them growing up and they are now lashing out as adults. It's a toy that has survived generations and has been able to adapt with the times. If I had a vote, it's on the Mount Rushmore of toys for me. I know people treat them as art now and for good reason, but it would drive me crazy to build with LEGOs and then not play with them. That just feels wrong to my soul. My brother had his first kid a few months ago and I am going to buy my niece so many LEGOs it'll make her little baby head spin.

I'd be curious to know from parents in 2022 what the deal is with LEGOs. Would that even be a good gift? I know there are video games and the internet and iPads and all that shit but I feel like all kids need to start life with LEGOs. If I'm wrong, please tell me before I spend way too much money hooking her up.

When it comes to Turner, you forget sometimes that NBA players are actually normal people, they are just rich as shit. I can't think of too many things more relatable than an NBA player also having a love for LEGOs. Sure he's using them as they are intended, but something tells me Myles has some LEGO freestyle skills under his belt.