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Inside The Mind Of A Professional Fighter The Day Of The Biggest Fight Of His Life

I’ve always been fascinated what it must be like to be a professional fighter. Imagine your profession was being locked inside a cage to fist fight someone in front of millions of people? It’s a level of vulnerability that’s arguably unmatched in any other sector of life. It was really cool to see Cody Brundage be so open about all the fears and anxieties that a fighter has to deal with the day of a big fight. He dealt with it incredibly well, coming through with a massive comeback first round submission win after he was eating some big shots and collected a 50K performance of the night bonus. Tune in to the new episode of Spinnin Backfist to find out what he spent the money on and the rest of his interview, a recap of UFCVegas50 and all the news and headlines in the MMA world. Drop a like and a comment and subscribe to the Youtube channel!

Also new episode will be out Thursday previewing this week‘s UFC Card in London with our guy Robbie Fox boots on the ground in London!