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The Cowboys Tweeted They Agreed To A New Contract With Randy Gregory, Immediately Had To Delete It After Gregory Agreed To Sign With The Broncos

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Isn't there just something magical when the Cowboys get fucked in the face by another team? We still have a few days before the entire country can unite in rooting against Duke in the NCAA Tournament and piling on the Yankees has become a little boring. However, there is something about The Star getting dunked on by the other 31 NFL fanbases that will always play, which is why the Broncos social media intern deserves a raise or at least be allowed to look John Elway in the eyes one (1) time.

Make no mistake about it either, once a deal makes its way to the social media team to tweet about with a link breaking down the deal, that player should be signed, sealed, and delivered. But it seemed like the Cowboys decided to get cute at the last minute probably because they need to make some extra financial room with Ezekiel Elliott getting overpaid to be the 2nd best running back on the team. So Gregory will be taking his talents to Mile High instead.

I can't even get too excited as a Giants fan that Randy Gregory is leaving the NFC East since I feel like he was suspended more than he was active during his time in Dallas. Six sacks in 11 games started last year is pretty good though and I suppose there was a chance that Gregory could blow up if his suspensions are a thing of the past. That being said, going to Denver may not be the best landing spot for someone with substance abuse issues in their past.