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In The Greatest Branding Move Of All Time, Mike Tyson Is Now Selling Edibles Shaped Like Ears

There's no brainers and then there's this, the most obvious move in the history of marketing. The cannabis industry is a gold mine right now but what's severely lacking is brand recognition. Your local dispensary has some home grown, and depending on the rules and regulations of your state you may see multiple different brands toting their own strains and products on the shelves of said dispensary. The East Coast is about 40 years behind on what the West Coast has going on, where dispensaries are run more like Apple Stores than what you'll find out this way, but the point remains there are few recognizable brands that have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. It's still early, eventually we'll have the Coke and Pepsi of THC, but we're not quite there yet. 

I say all that to say this: you're a buffoon if you're going out to pick up some gummies and pass on Mike Bites. The branding even goes a step beyond the obvious eat-biting callback to his fight against Evander Holyfield. Nothing makes me sound like an older man than talking about the potency of modern marijuana but boy oh boy is the shit today genetically engineered to place you into a mild coma. A coma not unlike the punches Tyson used to deliver on PPV 30 years ago. Some TKO THC in these Mike Bites and you've got yourself a product with name recognition and an immediate frame of reference for what this specific product will do to you once you get home. Brilliant. 

PS - Holyfield deserves a cut of this. Whatever percentage of his ear ended up in Tyson's mouth is the cut he should get. That feels fair.