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Any True Red-Blooded American Should Start Every Day By Listening To Jason Kelce's Rendition Of The Star Spangled Banner

The United States of America is a nation for the common man, by the common man. And while we're able to achieve excellence in anything we part our mind to, we must never lose that identity. The reason we kicked the shit out of the British in 1776 was because they were a bunch of elitist cunts. You're allowed to say cunts when you're talking about the British because they use that word all the time. It's not bad to say cunt in that scenario. 

But you think back to when Francis Scott Key first wrote the Star Spangled Banner. It was Franky Keys and a bunch of his boys. They were just guys being dudes who liked to hang out, drink a bunch of beer, have a good time, and then not get taxed out the ass when they went to buy some tea in the morning to get rid of their hangover. A song for all the ordinary fellas out there who are capable of accomplishing extraordinary things. 

Which is what makes this rendition of the National Anthem from Jason Kelce so pure.  He's not Whitney Houston. He's no Lady Gaga or Beyonce. He's just a dude who loves his country and ain't afraid to sing about it. Also he just signed a piece of paper that will put $14M into his bank account next season, so I'm sure he's pretty happy to do whatever is asked of him at the moment. 

Oh and apparently the Sixers played a game after this. Not quite sure what the final score of that game was, but that's not important. But I'm sure the Sixers bench did everything in their power to not waste another dominant performance out of Joel Embiid. If there's one way to describe the Sixers bench, it's reliable.