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This Old Video Of A Dad Surprising His With Son Black Ops II Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Wish It Was 2012 All Over Again

DUDE! I am laughing at how excited this kid is. I am crying at how happy this dad is to have made his son this happy with this video game. And in all seriousness I'm now doing both just thinking about how beautiful of a moment this was. If you were lucky enough for your parents to ever get you something you really wanted unexpected like this I'm sure you remember exactly what it was for you and when it happened. I sure as hell remember mine and that was when my parents SOMEHOW found me a wii at a Gamestop multiple towns over when it was literally the hottest item on the market...was maybe my favorite moment of my video game playing career and that's including getting a 300 on wii bowling. Good times. 

And this particular video really just rushes you back with the nostalgia due to it being a Call of Duty game as classic as Black Ops II. You would really be hard-pressed to find something more fun (activities that include consuming alcohol obviously excluded) than playing multiplayer Call of Duty with your friends back in the day. A little team death match? A little search and destroy? A little capture the flag? All amazing. Hope this kid had many years of enjoyment from it like all of us did.