We Saw Something In The NBA Last Night That We've Never Seen Before In The History Of The League

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times. I'm a sucker for witnessing NBA history. Doesn't matter what it is, if we see something that has never been seen before, I'm in. I'll celebrate you. I don't care what team you play for or who you are. You do cool shit it deserves some praise in my opinion. 

Well, that is exactly what we got last night

Shoutout to those old Nuggets teams. You want to talk about offense, those early Nuggets teams were way ahead of their time. Didn't play a lick of defense but man could they score. In 1983 they had an Ortg of 111.3. To put that into perspective, the Jazz currently lead then NBA at 116. Not bad for nearly 40 years ago given how much the game has changed.

Anyway, back to the NBA history. As I said last night in the KAT blog, the scoring right now in the NBA is getting pretty fucking ridiculous. Every single night these last 2 weeks we're seeing insane individual performances. Even the players are taking notice

So I figured since most of you probably have actual lives and things to do other than to sit and watch League Pass all night like a certain loser blogger, it wouldn't hurt to share with you all what you may have missed last night. 

There was KAT's 60 

The fact that a center is able to shoot like that still is hard for my brain to comprehend. A big win that brought the Wolves 10 games over .500 and still in the hunt for a top 6 seed while setting franchise records. Pretty cool.

Then we had Trae's 46

Remember, on Sunday which was the last time we saw Trae play, he dropped 47 on 13-20 (7-10). To then back that up with 46/6/12 on 15-31 (5-14) is rather ridiculous. Say what you want about him as a player or maybe the Hawks as a team, but 93 points in two games at this level is pretty insane. I feel confident in saying this would be a huge deal if some other NBA stars did it, so the same should be true for Trae. Plus, the win was pretty big as it kept the Hawks right on the Nets tails for that 8 seed and maintained their lead over the Hornets who also won last night.

Then finally for the night cap, we had Steph

Pretty great birthday all things considered. He got Draymond Green back and boom, suddenly the Warriors looked like the Warriors we rememebered and Steph looked like himself again. Something tells me part of his shooting woes had a lot to do with having to play without Draymond. I mean five seconds into Draymond checking in he found Steph for a three. It goes without saying that a fully healthy Warriors team is an entirely different animal, especially defensively, and it's also not the worst time for Steph to find his shot again. It feels crazy to me that he's under 40% from three for the first time in his career (outside of his 5 games before getting hurt in 2019), but it certainly wouldn't shock me that with Draymond back from a 2 month absence, we're about to see the Warriors become that terrifying wagon we saw to open the year. 

The hardos of the world will say some shit like "oh sweet defense!" or something along those lines. OK dude, whatever. Some of us just enjoy watching the best of the best do shit we've never seen before. It's not like these are random nobodies having nights like this, it's the best of the best. Some of the best players to ever play their position. That's the beauty of the NBA right now, you get this shit every single night. Add in that all these games actually matter for these teams and that adds even more to it. We're at the point of the NBA calendar where all this shit matters. Seeding can absolutely make or break a potential playoff run. 

Just looking at today's slate, there's a chance we could see Ja go nuts and drop 50 on the Pacers. The Nets are in Orlando, who plans on stopping KD or Kyrie? The Suns have the Pelicans and it feels like Devin Booker is due for a massive offensive night. The talent has never been better than what we're seeing right now in the NBA, and the crazy part is it's only getting better.