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This 60 Minutes Piece On Ted Lasso Will OBVIOUSLY Brighten The Hell Out Of Your Day

Dude. I fucking MISS Ted Lasso. I miss Ted Lasso more than Princess Leia missed Han Solo. I miss Ted Lasso more than New England misses Tom Brady. Hell, I miss Ted Lasso more than I miss the McDonald's Chicken selects which haven't been on the menu since COVID started which truly is saying something. And I'm fairly confident if you happened to click on this blog you feel the same exact way about Ted and the whole gang. They're literally the best and season 3 simply could not come soon enough so I felt like I had to do my due diligence and share this.

The talks with Sudeikis, obviously, were wonderful learning about how his high school life etc helped shape Ted. Any time we could see Brett Goldstein discuss Roy Kent is a treat. Hannah Waddingham is beyond a queen. And the whole origin story with the NBC commercial I feel like is a known fact but not TOO KNOWN. No way everyone watching the show knows about that. 

And these quick literally interviews with some of the side characters will make ya smile as well.

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of Ted on a Tuesday in March!!