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While Plucky Underdog Michigan Buses To Indy, Big Bad Colorado State Needed Twitter And Threats To Get The NCAA To Book Them A Flight

How does this happen? Feel like oh I don't know, someone in the NCAA should be in charge of getting planes set up for teams pretty quick. Remember, the committee actually has the bracket up on Saturday and then they just do a 'scrubbing' on Sunday. You can figure out pretty quick where and when Colorado State has to be. 

At least plucky underdog Michigan is going the old school way. They are taking it right out of Hoosiers. Oh big bad Colorado State needs a charter plane, not Michigan. They can just bus to Indianapolis. Probably have the whole little town of Ann Arbor behind them like Hickory going to Indianapolis. 

I have no idea why this game is in Indianapolis. It makes no sense. But that's the NCAA for you. I do love that Colorado State was going to threaten to go to the NCAA and push back the game. Uhh no dude, it's the NCAA Tournament. We need that early game on Thursday. For as dumb as the NCAA is and as much as they fuck everything up like flights, they give us day time basketball. We need that tip time. 

Good to see that small time program Michigan keep its head down and focus on the game. Haven't heard a peep from Michigan fans, players, coaches or anyone. Gotta think that plays a role in a win here.