Gerrit Cole and Josh Donaldson Met As Teammates For The First Time Today And Apparently Hashed Out Their Beef

A ringing endorsement if I've ever seen one. Same shit you'd say if you found out the ex you despise was gonna show up to the party you're already at. Lovely. Well, today Gerrit Cole and Josh Donaldson met for the first time since becoming teammates and hashed things out in Aaron Boone's office. 

What I would pay to be a fly on the wall of Boone's office as these two "hashed things out." Sounds like they came to some sort of understand, but the way Boone was talking it sounds like some shit was said. No chance they're completely cool with each other, but at the end of the day they're making a ton of fucking money so they better learn to be adults and figure it out. I'm just glad they addressed it right away. 

 Wouldn't hate if JD pulled one of these in a big moment this season. 


While I do have my doubts about what a 36 year old Josh Donaldson can still bring to the table, I do love the "fuck you" edge he's gonna provide in that clubhouse.

Could also use a shit ton of bombs with this swing. 

We recapped the trade and tried to make sense of what's to come on the pod today. It's a shitshow trying to figure out this roster. Check it out here.