When Asked When The Motorcycle Accident That Broke His Wrist Was, Fernando Tatis Jr. Responded "Which One?". YIKES!

Oof, Fernando that is not the right way to answer that question. Carl blogged about the awful injury to Tatis Jr. earlier and we didn't quite know how the shortstop injured his wrist in the offseason, well now we know. Reports came out earlier in the offseason that Tatis got some bumps and scrapes on his hands and knees from a motorcycle accident, didn't seem like a big thing. Well when he was asked about it he kind of let it all out, not exactly what Padres players or managers wanted to hear.

Someone asked him if it happened before the accident and got worse, which Tatis Jr. answered "I've got a couple incidents." NOT GREAT FERNANDO! An awful answer to put out there. He goes onto say he had one more fall but that it wasn't anything crazy, again not really what his teammates, agents, or coaching staff probably wanted to hear. He said it started as a small pain and eventually flared up when ramping up activities. A reporter then flat out asked him "when was the accident?" and his answer probably made the local Padres fans puke.

"Which one?". Come on Fernando! You've got to be smarter than this, he's just admitting to the media that he's been in several accidents. I mean there has to be stuff in his contract that states he can't be doing that. I get it was during the lockout so it was kind of the wild wild West, but yikes man, that isn't a good look. This has to bother people on and around the team, it's pretty irresponsible for a guy like Tatis Jr. to not only still be riding a bike, but apparently getting in multiple crashes. My guess is his motorcycle days are done for a while, at least they should be. I love the guy and think he has all the talent in the world, but like Carl said you have to wonder if we're going to see a fully healthy Tatis Jr. He always seems to have something nagging or bothering him, laying a motorcycle down and fracturing your wrist for sure won't help that. Maybe just stick to a Tesla or something. Hope he heals up quick and we can see a healthy Tatis Jr have another awesome season.