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Sending Positive Vibes To This Thicc Boi On Vacation That's Having A Bit Of Trouble With Some Tight Pants

The only way I could start this off is that whoever filmed this video and sent it into Barstool Sports is disgusting. You CANNOT take a video like this of a man in his most embarrassing form and I can confidently say that as I am man that has been in this conundrum many times in my day. It's always so fucking demoralizing whenever you order clothes online that come in too small or, god forbid, gain a couple of pounds and the shirts or pants that used to barely fit you know REALLY barely fit you. The competitor in you will always try to still get them on much like our guy up here is doing though sometimes it just won't happen no matter how hard you try and it's really tough to see. That's exactly why whoever filmed this very video committed a repulsive act.

 Not to mention this looks even worse due to the fact that our guy is seemingly on vacation. I see a hotel room. I see a hawaiian shirt on the ironing board. I see beautiful sunlight. Those are all the signs of someone on a very tropical vacation which makes this whole excursion even WORSE. You couldn't feel any more lonely if your vacation clothes don't fit on vacation. It's a fucking nightmare. That's why I never pack light. Prayers for my mans. Hope he gets that button in.