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The Indiana Hoosiers Aren't Happy About Being Disrespected

Indiana vs The World. I'm still salty about where IU landed in the bracket. Having to go from Dayton, OH Tuesday then to the west coast, while Michigan gets to sit around all week and go back to Indianapolis stinks. Play a harder non-conference schedule, I get it. BUT, put a little more stock in the conference tourney. It sucks the Hoosiers could face elimination with another game, but I feel like every team is fatigued at this point. Plus when you're 18-21 you have endless amounts of energy. 

I'm not a fan of going to twitter to let everyone know you're upset, but I would much rather the locker room feel something than be flat and not care (Archie Miller years) You don't need fresh legs when you've got hate for the world fueling you. You've put the work in, now anything for an edge. Tom Brady is the GOAT and he puts a chip on his shoulder every morning when he wakes up. 

Wyoming has a 6'7'' PG who converted from PF running their team along with along with a talented left handed big and a 3 point specialist shooting around 40% on the season. I've been paying attention to one of my favorite guys to break down film, and Wyoming is a solid team who is prepared to play in the paint. 

Not an impossibly daunting task for the Hoosiers, and won't be a problem if Indiana hits their shots against Wyoming's efficient but not high scoring offense. Geronimo coming back and brining solid defensive minutes will be huge. Xavier Johnson was MASSIVE during the Big 10 Tourney, but it will be interesting to see what IU does with the height mismatch at PG w/ Maldonado. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is, "Indiana is in." Bring on Wyoming. BRING ON WHOEVER WANTS TO STEP ON THE COURT WITH ONE OF THE HOTTEST TEAMS IN BASKETBALL.

Hey, Dan … we will take those hard to swallow pills if they show up looking like the team that couldn't close to Rutgers at AH, or the team in the first half of the B10 tourney game vs Michigan. Until then, let me get my hopes up.