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Tony Reali & His 5-Month-Old Daughter Crying To "Goodfellas" On A Plane Is Peak Father/Daughter Bonding

This is beautiful. Absolutely fucking beautiful. A lot of folks out there say there is no greater bond than a father & daughter and clearly no one knows that better than Tony Reali here. EVERYONE knows the perfect way to begin that lifelong bond is to watch Martin Scorsese's cinematic masterpiece, Goodfellas, on an airplane with your 5-month-old daughter. Who cares if they say the word fuck 300 times in said movie (16th all-time in fucks)? Who cares if Billy Bats is nearly beaten to death then repeatedly stabbed over and over with a mother's knife once he's found alive in a trunk? Who cares if there's prejudice against Italians?


Clearly Tony Reali does not. And as an avid in-flight Goodfellas watcher I couldn't be any happier to see this as well. We need to spread the good word of tuning into the greatest movie ever made whenever you can...and ESPECIALLY on flights. If you watch anything else on a flight I don't know what to tell you as this is literally a 2 hour and 20 minutes time warp. Now we just need Delta to put it back on there ASAP.