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The World Would Be A Much Happier Place If Everyone Rode Around On These Motorized Stuffed Animals

People, people, people! We were at a mall in New Jersey yesterday and I gotta say...that place is a fucking EMPORIUM. So much so that their civilization is advanced beyond belief to the point of motorized stuffed animals. It was truly something unlike anything else I've ever seen when we stumbled upon this area filled with children on their furry 4-legged motorized friends. You roll up the little kiosk down the hallway, purchase your ride for $20, then have free reign to literally just roam up and down the halls of the mall on a these sweet, sweet rides.

I mean you and I both know the world would not only be a better place, but a happier place if people started meandering around their daily lives on these bad boys. I'm envisioning New York City where people speed down 7th avenue on these and I'm instantly smiling. I'm also not fucking despising New York City. Just an idea- maybe this would be a good platform to run on if I ever decided to run for mayor.