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RIP Scott Hall/Razor Ramon

Damn, this one hurts. Kevin Nash reports that once Scott Hall's family is in place, they'll discontinue his life support so he can be at peace. If you were unaware, Hall suffered three heart attacks this week after complications following hip surgery. So tragic.

Razor Ramon was one of the very first wrestlers I ever laid eyes on as a kid; my introduction to wrestling as a 3-year-old was a VHS tape called 'WWF's Most Unusual Matches' that featured a legendary encounter between The 1-2-3 Kid and Razor for a bag of money entitled "The $10,000 Match"....

If you've seen it, you know that this could practically be the blueprint for a well-told David vs Goliath professional wrestling match - it was so well worked.

From there, obviously, I couldn't avoid Razor Ramon's matches on my VHS tapes and DVDs - whether it was his legendary ladder match with Shawn at WrestleMania X, his fun tag team stuff with The 1-2-3 Kid, his work as 'Scott Hall' in WCW a few years later, and even his return to the WWF to feud with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as part of the nWo, this guy was ALWAYS oozing machismo and putting on a hell of a show for the fans. From his promos to his in-ring performances, you just couldn't look away from the screen, knowing a Razor's Edge could happen at any moment....and if it did, you knew there wouldn't be a kickout to follow it up.

Some consider Hall the most influential/impactful wrestler to never hold a world title, and it's definitely hard to argue against that. KFC put it well here when he just touched on how influential Hall was to the Barstool/blogging world alone….

I think Dave, Big Cat, and KFC have probably made a couple hundred references to Razor on here throughout the years by themselves.

Scott also fought a very public battle against addiction for decades, but in his final few years on this planet, he got clean (with the help of DDP, shoutout DDP) and lived a life anyone would be proud of - from his Hall of Fame speech to WrestleMania 31 appearance….

….he really got to see the love that fans from all around the world have for him, and all that support he never lost.

I got to meet Scott briefly a few years back at an nWo event, and he was such a sweet, funny dude. He overheard Kevin Nash asking me about Rough N Rowdy and walked over to reminisce about strongman competitions he remembered from when he was growing up, and had us cracking up immediately. I'll never forget mentioning that Kevin Nash and I had the same birthday (July 9th), and joking that O.J. Simpson had the same birthday, and Hall just going "That's one hell of a trio!" in that deep voice of his.

Our condolences go out to all of Scott Hall's loved ones today.