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Lakers Lose By 30 But It's Okay Because LeBron Made Sure To Congratulate Himself After The Game For Getting 10,000 Career Assists

[Source] - "My teammates congratulated me after the game," James said. "My mom texted me, I believe at halftime, I saw it after the game."

The accomplishment came during a blowout loss in a losing season, a disappointing wrinkle to the night that James acknowledged.

"It's an honor to be a part of this league and no matter what's going on this season, you try to take the victories that happen throughout the course of a long marathon," he said. "And tonight is one that happened not only for myself but for my family and friends."

I hate to say this but I'm starting to respect how LeBron just doesn't give a shit about losses. Oh we gave up 140? Big deal. First person to ever get 10,000 career assists, points and rebounds. That's the important stuff. It's not even just for LeBron. He's doing it for his family and friends. For sure not his teammates. Those bums can get out of the way according to LeBron. Tonight's a victory for LeBron. He said it, not me. That's just a fact too. 

Hey, getting 10,000 career assists is cool and everything. It's also not exactly shocking that LeBron is there, he's been playing forever. But also like, you know, wait a day to congratulate yourself. Maybe wait until you don't lose by 100. Maybe play a little bit of defense. Just suggestions here. I'm a people helping people guy and that's what I'm attempting with this blog. 

I do have to give LeBron a little bit more respect though. There's no one else in the world who is better at congratulating himself. The man takes every single moment and turns it into a win for him. It's impressive, really.