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The True Story Of Barstool Chicago Inside The Big Ten Championship

My Illini won the Big Ten regular season conference championship. I was on site last Sunday night to capture the magic. This is my first video completely end to end (shot, edited, produced) on my own. If you like it let me know. I want to do more solo trips like this and make more stuff. Don't be bashful with feedback. 

As for college basketball, so many people are talking shit to me like being regular season champs and a 4-seed isn't a tremendous accomplishment. Like 12-seeded Indiana is in a better spot as a program. Or that someone would go to Iowa over Illinois if they had a chance at both schools. Or basically anything mean, I've heard it a thousand times today. Everyone needs to cool their jets. Illinois won the regular season fair and square and now it's on to the NCAA tourney. If you remember John Groce than you know this is a big fuckin deal. 

See you guys at the Final Four. Thanks to the Athletic Department for hosting me and letting me chop up some of the footage. You guys are the best and I love where things are headed. Nobody I trust more than Brad Underwood and that's an absolute fact.