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The Indiana Hoosiers Got In, But Were Hosed By The Selection Committee

What just happened here? We got hosed Tommy, we got hosed. 

Sucks Indiana has to play in the first 4 after a nice run in the Big 10 tourney, but that's what you get when your non-conference games are nothing special. Coach Woodson has a massive nut sack and a great goatee, so I'm sure he'll start scheduling real teams for the Hoosiers. I'm sad, and this all hurts after losing on a chuck up, bullshit, bank in 3 pointer to Iowa. 

Sucks for Indiana, but it's fair. I don't like having to play Wyoming because they are a solid team with a stud guard in Hunter Maldonado, but this is the best bracket to make a run in for Indiana. Geronimo saying he'll be back for the tourney is HUGE because his minutes were missed against Iowa. 

I'm done bitching … I'm happy Indiana is in the tourney after not being able to close out some key games this season with their backs against the wall. Seems like Indiana is finally reaching their full potential and peaking at the right time, which is something an Indiana hasn't done in a loooong time. It's March and Indiana is finally dancing again, but please don't break my heart … again.