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If Tennessee Isn't a 1 or 2 Seed, We Riot

Tennessee won its first SEC Tournament championship since 1979 on Sunday. Since February 1, the Vols are 12-1 with wins over Kentucky (twice), Auburn and Arkansas in that stretch — not to mention a win over Arizona earlier in the season. They're playing as well as any team in the country.

On the whole, UT enters the NCAA Tournament with a record of 26-7 (11-7 in Quad 1 games) and no losses outside the top quadrant — Gonzaga is the only other team in the country undefeated outside Quad 1. You would think the SEC champs' résumé is that of possibly a 1-seed, but most certainly a 2-seed. Yet, somehow, Joe Lunardi and his cronies still say UT will be on the 3-line when the bracket is revealed tonight.

Someone make it make sense. Kentucky, with the same record as Tennessee and two head-to-head losses, is going to be a 2-seed and we're going to be stuck with the rest of these poors on the 3-line? Duke is going to get one of the top eight slots as the No. 12 team on KenPom and after getting boat-raced by the last two top 30 teams it played?

This is nonsense. I'm going to wait for the committee to hopefully do its job correctly, but if this comes to fruition, I'm going to be redneck mad. And anyone who wants to see justice served should be, as well.

But at the end of the day, I'm an SEC champion and my team is playing better than anyone in the damn country right now. We're going to be the better team on the court no matter who we play. Let's ride, boys.