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The 2022 Minnesota State High School Hockey All Hair Team Is Out And It's An All-You-Can-Eat Salad Bar

A tradition like none other. The Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is essentially the World Cup of lettuce. Every year it brings out some of the best high school hockey you'll see on the planet, and some of the spiciest heads of arugula you'll ever see. The state might be covered in snow for 9 months out of the year but that's not going to put a dent in their production of produce. Typically you'll have to go to a little Italian joint called "Olive Garden" to get this level of unlimited salad, but not in Minneflowta. And this year was no different. 

Personally I can't believe my guy rocking the skullet didn't crack the top 10 this year...


But that's the beauty of flow. It's subjective. It's a form of art. What speaks to some may not speak the same to others. Plus it's hard to argue with the fact that this kid was born for this moment to take the #1 spot on this year's team. He's been working his whole life for this moment and took full advantage. Have to imagine this was directed towards a mom. Beautician. 

And while the hair typically gets all the love during this tournament, I think it's time to start throwing together a video for the best celebrations of the weekend. Not only can these kids bring the heat in the hair department, but the celly game is unrivaled as well. 

Taking a trip 100 feet down the ice just to make sure you get the student section involved is an all-time move. 

And this Alex Bump fella is an absolute weapon. Quick little 5-goal performance for the young man out of Prior Lake. 


Also congrats the all the boys who became champions forever this weekend. In 70 years from now that hair might fade away and fall out, but the banner will still be hanging forever. 

P.S. -- As always, these videos are great but they raise money and awareness for an even greater cause, the Hendrickson Foundation. The Hendrickson Foundation supports sled, special, military and blind hockey. If you've followed along when the Chiclets guys were doing a bunch of work with the Warrior Classic, a tournament dedicated to US Military veterans, then you know how much this means to all those guys. So if you want to learn more about the Hendrickson Foundation their website is here