I need to get back to the old me. Let me tell you about the old me- I hated Duke more than anything. More than the Penguins, more than Lebron, more than terrorism. Growing up a Maryland fan in the ACC, I loathed Duke. Jason Williams, Shane Battier, JJ Reddick, Greg Paulus, all of em. They were all my most hated human beings on Earth. Then we moved to the Big 10 and everything changed, but I still held onto my hatred of Duke, albeit it not being as strong as it once was. But any time Coach K and the Dookies lose, I'm rock hard. I hate them. I will always hate them. The Miracle Minute ruined my life. The Steve Blake steal is one of my fondest memories. I said so many things about JJ Reddick that can never be repeated if I don't want to be canceled. Coach K losing on his retirement night made me feel things I hadn't felt since I saw Marisa Miller in the SI Swimsuit edition. 

So in conclusion, fuck Duke, fuck Marty Mush, and fuck JJ Reddick. Tonight we're all Hokies.