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This Body Kick Would Literally Murder Me

Holy fucking shit...that was vicious as hell! Imagine getting hit with one of those as you're trying to get back up?! I'm surprised Roberson even COULD get up after that, albeit not for long. I would be making grape lady sounds for the next month.

"Uah uahh ueahh ughh ueahhh ow ow ow ow owwwwww stop I can't breathe"

We've got violence on full display tonight over at the UFC Apex with knockouts/comebacks galore, and Khalil Rountree just added a brutal stoppage over New Jersey's Karl Roberson to the list. 

After a pretty even first round, Rountree came out of his corner absolutely determined for a finish in the second, and it didn't take him long to make that happen. Dude was throwing BOMBS and rocked him with a combo of punches and that body kick. Then, in his post-fight interview, Rountree spoke about being 300lbs, depressed, and suicidal at one point in his life, and said he hopes to inspire somebody in the same spot by showing them that anything is possible. It was a pretty great impassioned promo that'll for sure earn him some new fans.

Oh, and Drew Dober vs Terrance McKinney right before this fight might've had the round of the year! It only lasted one, but it began with a crazy McKinney flurry and ended with an explosive Dober finish….

Absolutely crazy fight. Like I said - something special is in the air at the Apex tonight. This card rules.