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The Appropriate Cost For A Men's Haircut Is Revealed

Robert Alexander. Getty Images.

I am currently in need of a haircut. It's not crazy, in fact, it's a situation I'm quite used to. Every 3-4 weeks this bubbles up and needs to be addressed. I live in the burbs now, but even when I was in the city, it was always the same. Call the barbershop 15 minutes before I want to go, ask if there is a wait, if not, get there as fast as humanly possible. Things have changed slightly since having two kids and being much more schedule oriented. Now I'll call and book an appointment over the phone. It takes 45 seconds. No payment details, just my phone number and I'm all set. See you at 8am Saturday fellas! Been the same way for 3+ years. No hassle, no fuss.

But this time was different. I called up my barbershop and they said they no longer are taking appointments over the phone and to check out their website to book a cut. 'No problem' I ignorantly thought. I went to their website and it looked very sleek and fancy. It was also pretty easy to use. It even let you pick by barber, which was a cool feature. I'd always been a 'whoever is free' guy, but recently, some dude that didn't know how to properly blend in the sides to the top with buzzers butchered me, so I had been somewhat particular in the past few months. And by that I mean, any guy but that dude.

So as I navigated the site, I giggled as I avoided Edward Can't Use Buzzerhands photo, went to book the cut and realized the price for a men's cut has gone up. Way up. During the pandemic their prices went from $22 to $27 and I didn't bat an eye. These guys deserve it, they're getting hit hard. Gotta make ends meet. But now? Business is booming, hair keeps growing. Yes, they have a fancy new website to pay for, but the price is now $35 for my cut? That's nearly a 30% increase! Additionally, they're adding taxes on it. Have I been priced out? That's when I realized, I actually have no idea how much a men's haircut should cost. So I took it to the streets and asked the people:

While I would consider 7.7k votes a significant sample size, I decided to ask some of my co-workers their thoughts as well as there could be some geographical increases given I'm near NYC. *Contact names blurred out for anonymity 

It looks like the correct answer is somewhere in between $20 (on the cheaper side) and $35 (on the pricier side). These were good findings as I'll stay with my barber for now and just have to realize it's within range, just on the pricier end. Happy trimmings everybody!