Amari Cooper: Welcome To The CLEVELAND BROWNS!


I'm not here for any RIP Amari Cooper's career jokes. I don't want to see any of those drinking bleach memes, fake jumping off the balcony videos, or pictures of Antonio Brown running off the field captioned "Amari Cooper after 2 games with Baker Mayfield". I am well aware that Cleveland is where wide receivers go to die. HOWEVER. I am here to talk about how Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns front office just FLEECED the Dallas Cowboys. If that's not your takeaway from this trade then you're crazy. Amari and a 6th for a 5th and 6th? 

THIS is what we just brought in for a 5th rounder?

What a steal. He's only 27 years old!! And he's a proven #1 wide receiver. And I absolutely love that the Browns no longer need to use their top pick in the draft on a receiver. They can go get a defensive tackle or offensive lineman and really anchor down those spots. 

And now, once again, the Cleveland Browns will be right up there as the most talented teams in the NFL. On the offense alone, we've got Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, Amari Cooper, David Njoku, Kareem Hunt, and……#1 overall pick Baker Mayfield. Ugh. That teams has to put up points. I love Baker but I refuse to go down again this year with elite weapons all over the field and an incompetent quarterback. I'm cheering for #6 more than anyone, but we've got to have a Plan B if we find out it wasn't his injury that made him stink, it was just that he stinks.

I'll say this: this trade just made Cleveland a whole lot more desirable location for a certain QB with a No-Trade clause. Could this be the incentive deal to get Deshaun Watson to waive that? Oh boy….Andrew Berry might have something BIG cooking. And go get Bobby Wagner while you're at it, King.