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The Wind Is HOWLING At TPC Sawgrass Today As The First 4 Tee Shots On The Island 17th Got Wet

Carnage. It’s absolutely nuts out there at Sawgrass today. Gusts of 35+ mph winds are making it damn near impossible to pick a club on 17. It's blowing hard in the face and a little off the left but it's completely unpredictable how it's gonna blow when you send it on its way. Total mindfuck.

Wild weather has pushed this tournament so far back that we're likely looking at a Tuesday finish. Some of these guys are still out there playing their 1st round and have to try to squeeze in their 2nd round today as well. Some of them have had it up to *HERE* with it

Meanwhile half of the field is kicking back and watching it all unfold having finished their 1st round on Thursday and won't have to deal with this weather. Monster advantage for those guys. Was shocked to hear that the last 6 winners (and 12 of the last 14) at this tournament had the same early/late tee time wave. Hard to ignore that. Would be shocked if the winner comes from the group of guys out there today. DJ and Kisner are giving it a helluva go right now, we'll see how long they can hold on.