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We Had A WILD Scene In Louisville As The Cardinals And Wolverines Tried To Play Baseball In The Middle Of A Snow Globe

I don't think the heavy stuff is supposed to come down for a while! I know that line is about rain, but I think it plays here. A pretty crazy scene out of Louisville as the Cardinals took on Michigan in a legit white out. Blinding snow, winds howling, you couldn't see anything. Just look at this pitch. All the way to the backstop. This isn't baseball weather, but it does look cool. When people complain about early season outdoor baseball, this is what I think of. It's not very often you get snow baseball games, but when you do it's crazy. It's also dangerous because you usually can't pick up a white ball in the snow, not great! This game was eventually suspended and will be made up on Sunday. Credit to the guys for trying to get through it, but that aint happening with this weather. Who is at a lesser advantage here, the batter or catcher? At least the catcher knows where it's supposed to go, but has no clue if the ball will make it there or if he can see it. Batter is up there just hoping he can pick up the ball and have it not hit him in the head. Terrifying to be in that box I think. 

PS. This happened on Opening Day in Camden Yards way back when and it was one of the more insane things ever. How they let this inning keep going when fielders couldn't see the ball was bizarre.