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Farewell Carlos Rodon - The Giants Are Signing Him To a 2 Year, $44MM Deal

I will start by saying this: I am SUPER happy for Carlos. I've gotten to know him and his wife on a very small level over the last couple of years and they're a great family. At this time last year, Carlos was staring down the barrel of mayyyyybe being out of the game altogether. The Sox non-tendered him and after nobody gave a shit to offer him a big league deal, they brought him back for cheap for 2022. 

That deal provided CRAZY dividends. Though his pure "shit" was never in question, his health and command were. Well an offseason and then regular season with Ethan Katz and a clean bill of health led him to a truly dominant season that, and one that was topped off with a no-hitter. 

A goddamn shoestring away from a perfect game.

So on that note, I am really happy for Carlos and his family. They never have to worry about money again. His girls are taken care of for life. 

Now let's get down to the shitty stuff.

Why in the FUCK didn't the White Sox offer him a qualifying offer??????? It makes NO SENSE. Yes, it would have fucked over Rodon a little bit. He more than likely would not have gotten the deal he got with a QO attached to his name. But the White Sox have to worry about the White Sox first and foremost. They let him walk for free and receive ZERO compensation. 

1. This tells me that they were worried he'd accept it and if he did accept it, they'd be into him for around $19MM in 2022. If the White Sox (READ: JERRY REINSDORF) are worried about paying too much money for one year deals, they're a lost cause and they're feeding us bullshit about "a World Series window". They're not worried about winning World Series, they're worried about maybe lucking into one while maximizing the bottom line and keeping payrolls down. It's the exact opposite of what the Mets are doing… and the Dodgers are doing/have done… and the Giants are doing/have done… and it grosses me out and should gross out every Sox fan on earth. They're a few pieces away and they're worried about dollars, all while not even sniffing the new CBT threshold.


2. They know something we don't regarding Rodon and his health. I think the chances of this being the case are about 1%. The rest of the league has reviewed his medicals and he's gotten the clear from both SF and the Dodgers, two A+ organizations, so if the White Sox know something they don't - which I don't buy - then fine. I just don't think that's the case. 

I think it's a case of Jerry Reinsdorf saying "fuck spending" even though he's 86 years old and will never have a better chance at winning another World Series than he does right. I want to puke typing that sentence. 

I just don't get it. If they find an adequate replacement for him, awesome. Maybe they trade for a Bassit, a Manaea, or someone of that ilk and if they do, I'm cool with it. But as it sits right now, I'm scratching my head. 

Make it make sense. Jerry Reinsdorf is the wooooooorst

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