It’s That Time Of The Year Again When Virginia Looks Inevitable

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Virginia is a lacrosse school. Plain and simple. They’ve won back-to-back national championships, and are currently dick kicking everybody they go up against this season. They put a beatdown on Syracuse. They put a beatdown on Hopkins. And then just when you think they’d run into some trouble with having to go up against Chris Gray and the UNC Tar Heels on the road in the middle of the week, they hold UNC to just one goal in the 2nd half and come away with a 4-goal win last night (that 4th goal could be very important one way or another to certain people out there). I guess it always helps when you have the best lacrosse player in the world on your roster.

So on this week’s episode of The Crease Dive, we talk about how inevitable this 3-peat for Virginia looks to be. We also talk about a massive weekend for the Ivy League, a few major pieces of news in both the PLL and NLL, and give our picks for this weekend’s slate of games.

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