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I Am Trying Real Life Alcoholic Protein Drinks

People dream about the future all the time. Many thought by now we would have flying cars, space hotels, and all sorts of super inventions. But the real dreamers saw the future better.

Brotein. An alcoholic protein drink. Many dreamed of getting gainz and blitzed at the same time. Boys, today is the day it came. After getting my Friday arm farm in (While I blog in between sets, it's a work day). I decided to get my gains the only way protein should be consumed on a Friday- with alcohol. 

(This review is supposed to parody fitness trainers) (I literally finished my last set and ripped the vid so I am out of breath) Swipe right for the review.

So I would say the Protochol is great. I am actually still drinking it right now. It tastes like Danimals.  

I will keep you updated on my progress (swole and drunk levels)