After Miller Kopp ASSAULTED Dave Online, I'm ALL IN ON INDIANA

Kill Shot, but in all fairness Dave is an MJ like competitor and won that game. I would have gone with this …

After the Indiana win, I got home from work, slapped Kelly on the ass, drank 4 STRONG craft beers, then proceeded to pass out at 8pm. I woke up feeling like sweaty dog shit, but I still went for a run. I felt great on the run because my body was hardened and numb to feeling gross because I already felt like shit. THAT IS WHY Indiana will beat Illinois today. Indiana has a game under their belt with some much needed March momentum, while Illinois is coming in cold. Indiana is playing with house $ while Illinois will play tight buttholes the whole game. I paid my debts yesterday by beating against Indiana LIKE AN IDIOT, but in all fairness I would have been right about Michigan winning if Dave didn't create one of the biggest jinxes of all time.

Today I beg the college basketball gods for forgiveness for going against the Hoosiers in an emotional hedge yesterday, but today is a new day and I'm ready to run through a brick wall for Indiana.