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The 9/11 Joke in "The Big Sick" Is One Of My Favorite Jokes Ever


Just a quick Friday blog for yas. Last week I watched "The Big Sick" twice. It's such a great movie. Not to be confused with "The Big Short", which I also watched twice last week. 3Chi promo code ACES. But anyway, the 9/11 joke in The Big Sick kills me every time. It's such a perfectly crafted scene and Ray Romano delivers his lines perfectly- you can feel and sense his nervousness, as he still is trying to ask the question, but without coming off as racist or insensitive. And then obviously Kumail's perfect answer without missing a beat, “It was a tragedy. I mean, we lost 19 of our best guys.” It's just such a great line, because as nervous as Ray Romano is, Kumail also wants to break the ice, but then he feels equally as awkward about it. 

I just love this scene and wanted to share it today. Nice little Friday pick me up to take us into a long day of college hoops. Gosh bless and stay safe out there.


PS: I think we are in a safe zone to start making 9/11 jokes, it's been 20 years. It reminds me of that tragedy.