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Scott Disick's New Girlfriend Is Decent

Page Six - Scott Disick has found himself another 20-something.

The Kardashian-connected Lothario, 38, is continuing to fuel rumors that he’s dating “Too Hot to Handle” star Holly Scarfone, 23.

While the two have been vacationing in Paris for the past week, Scarfone posted a sexy photo of herself wearing lingerie with the Eiffel Tower in the background, to which Disick responded in the comments, “Where is my photo credit?”

The maybe-couple were first spotted together when they dined at Nobu Malibu pre-Parisian getaway.

Scarfone, whose looks have been compared to those of Kylie Jenner, was last linked to her Netflix co-star Nathan Soan.

Ria blogged and talked about this on her and Fran's podcast but she did Holly a severe disservice by only including a couple pics of her.

As a fellow guy who has vastly outkicked his coverage, I want to knock Scott Disick, sorry, "Lord" Disick, but I cannot. 

The guy has taken chicken shit and made Michelin star chicken salad out of it his entire life.

He knocked up the hottest Kardashian (by a mile) back before they all became the bane of America's existence. 

I don't think he's ever really worked a day in his life. And since breaking up with his ex Kourtney, he's done pretty well for himself.

Rebound #1 Bella Banos

Rebound #2 Elizabeth Grace Lindley 

Rebound #3 Hana Cross

And now he's on to this chick who many are calling a doppelganger for his ex's little sister.

If you watch this video of her talking about herself on her reality show, you'll see she's not just beauty, but she's brains as well...

What a life for Scott.

Here's more Holly you filthy animals.