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Ben Simmons Finally Made That Wide Open Bucket In Philly, Just 9 Months Later (But He Still Won't Shoot)

I thought the big bad Philly fans were supposed to be booing Ben Simmons tonight? I thought they were supposed to be ruthless and vile and disgusting?

Lo and behold, this is all we wanted. For Ben Simmons to not kick the ball out when he’s directly under the basket for an easy 2 points. That’s all we’ve wanted for months now. And despite the fact that Baby Back Ben turned his back on this city, quit on his team and forced a trade out of here, we still support him with thunderous applause for even the most basic of accomplishments. I truly don’t understand where this national narrative of Philly fans being mercilessly brutal comes from.

Oh yeah, I guess that’s more like it.

Goddammit. I’m so jealous we didn’t create that shirt first.

P.S. - I would have had so much respect for Ben if he just bricked the shit out of one from the logo just to get it over with. The best way to beat the joke is to get in on it.