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The Chargers FLEECED Khalil Mack From The Bonehead Bears And I Am Over The Moon

One of the biggest questions going into this off-season was how Tom Telesco was going to handle the window he has. The Chargers have the most cap space in the league, a top-QB that is still on his rookie deal, and a decent chunk of offensive talent. However, TT notoriously doesn’t spend, rarely trades and has made some FA bust signings. Well, it seems like he got the god damn memo, because he went out and got one of the best pass rushers in the league for pennies on the dollar.

Getting an absolute force of nature like him for a second and a sixth is nothing short of outstanding if you ask me. The Rams, if nothing else, proved that established talent is way more of a commodity than the potential of draft picks and the Chargers aren't even losing a lot of them! You might be thinking "Well, the Chargers have to absorb his massive contract!" 2 counterpoints:

1. The Chargers have the most cap space in the league 


Mack's contract isn't guaranteed, which makes this all possible for the chargers. The other argument is Mack's injury history. This argument holds more weight, as he struggled with a big injury last year and one smaller one the year previous. Those are the only two marks on his record though, which is insane. 

I'm going to focus on the positive here. The Chargers now have 2 of the top edge rushers in the league on the same roster. Imagine being Russell Wilson right now?