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The Hardy Boyz Are Now ALL ELITE


I didn't even realize that the Hardy Boyz old WWF theme is stock music (and not a WWE/Jim Johnston creation) until this very moment, but thank god for that, huh?! Made this debut about a thousand times better having that unrecognizable song hit. 

Reminded me of this tremendous moment at WrestleMania 33....

....but with a little more dancing on the way to the ring!

Jeff Hardy was released by the WWE in December after a bizarre incident at a house show where he just decided to leave the arena through the crowd mid-match….

Nobody really knows what happened that night, but thanks to his past substance abuse issues, many just chalked it up to a relapse in the moment. WWE offered Jeff rehab afterwards, and when Jeff declined, they dropped him from the company.

Matt Hardy has since cleared some of this up, and reassures everyone that Jeff was in fact NOT on drugs/alcohol, but instead under major stress that led to his walkout in December, and revealed that Jeff passed all of the WWE's drug tests prior to his release.

Jeff's final run in the WWE was really awesome in my opinion, and he was INCREDIBLY over with every crowd he worked in front of, so the potential of this AEW run (alongside Matt Hardy as the Hardy Boyz again) makes me so excited. There's a lot more focus on the tag division in AEW than anywhere else in the world and soooo many intriguing matchups for them across the board.

Looks like we'll get our first taste of that this Friday on Rampage as well….